Asher CHC's 2017 Patient Satisfaction Survey

2017 Patient's Experience of Care Survey

Click here for the 2017 Patient Experience of Care Survey results!

Data about the 2017 Survey


"Experience of Care Survey"

1. Asher needed at least 25 completed surveys per provider—sent out postal mail to 150 Pts.

2. Incentive to public ($20 check) given to 1st 25 completed surveys per/provider – mailed out. 

3. We used customized CAHPS Version 3.0 survey (lookback period is 6 mths) – gathered names and addresses from OCHIN for the lookback period. 

4. As they were gathered, they were entered into master database:  “Data Elements for June 2017 Survey_#1 printed 6-2-17 ”  The database contains the data elements requested in the PCPCH instructions.

5. Survey's sent to only one person per household; removed duplicates from mail list; did not discriminate against employees (or anyone affiliated with the clinic, such as board members) or family members of employees, etc.

6. The person surveyed doesn't need to be a current Pt, just have seen the provider at least once during the lookback period.

7. All data received was reported to PCPCH. 

Joan’s steps:

· Created, customized and printed survey based on template from “CAHPS Clinician and Group Survey Adult Ver 3.0”

· Stapled to the top of each survey: a 7-digit ticket number the client could keep for reference; that same ticket # was also pre-printed into the top of first page of the survey (so when they returned it, we’d have the #)

· An Excel spreadsheet logging each # to the name/address, so we’d know who to send the $20 ‘thank you gift’ to.  (SASE was included in mailing)

· When survey arrived back at clinic, it’s only identifier was the ticket # 

· As they came in, they were checked for completeness and then were also numbered with order received and which provider they were for.

· Once the top 25 were received for each provider, the number was matched to name/address for payment; anonymity was maintained. 

· Fifty (50) total ‘thank you gifts’ of $20 each were mailed out to appropriate clients

Time bracket: 6-13-17 to 7-20-17

Surveys were sent out postal mail on 6-13-2017 from Fossil PO; Last survey we received was on 7-20-2017.

69 were received total (PA Allen= 37; PA Roy= 32)

All received were considered complete (more than 50% of the Qs were answered) – zero rejected for being incomplete.



CAHPS has a macro for SAS that allows for automated coded entry of answers for survey data, but we don’t have SAS and I didn’t find any solutions from emailing to CAHPS and to PCPCH email addresses provided for survey assistance. With that, I studied the way the answers would be handled for eventual scoring, and created a DB to receive the survey responses (they were hand-counted and hand-entered). 

· When entering the answers: if the client should have skipped one or more Qs (due to the response, ie “if #11 is no, go to #13”) – if they DID answer #12 for example, I did count it – even though they should have skipped.

· Whenever there were a client’s handwritten notes on the survey itself, I copied those pages and noted what Entry # it was (the red #). Those pages are attached to the original hand-tally sheets.

Case-mix or survey-mode: No adjustments were made for case-mix (ie how they answered by demographics) or survey-mode (ie adjusting for survey method used, such as mail versus telephone). 

Frequencies: we ARE excluding ‘missing values’ from the percentages calculated. This means that we are not including “Appropriately not answered” or “Missing” numbers from the total when percentages are calculated.

Item Suppression: none.

DOMAIN SCORES: Created from the data assembled, and added to the Excel spreadsheet called “BOTH_COMBINED both providers” – under tab: “Domains scores”. 


The PCPCH reporting guide recommends we use a CAHPS survey (which we did).  

Click here for the 2017 Patient Experience of Care Survey results!


Asher CHC's 2018 Community Healthcare Needs Survey

2018 Community Needs Healthcare Assessment Survey

In Feb-March of 2018, Asher CHC launched a survey effort that looked to understand what residents here think of their health care resources. 

Not just resources provided by ACHC, but all available resources. And what resources are lacking?

What are the gaps, what can be done better, and what dreams for the future should we be striving for?

Click here to access a 14-page document that provides survey detail.... happy reading!