Additional programs through Wheeler County Public Health


There are many programs available to Wheeler County residents through the Public Health Department


This is a public health nurse home-visiting program for newborns and their families. The program is free and voluntary. A Registered Nurse will visit the home with gifts for the baby and may weigh and measure the baby to track development. There are other approved measurements which may be used to detect any need for early intervention. For example, sight, hearing, and reaction development. The RN is also available to answer questions and assist with nutrition.


This program includes well child check ups, immunizations, and primary care.


Services are provided through a contract between Wheeler County Court as the Health Authority and Grant County Environmental Health Specialist John Combs. John Combs, EHS, provides restaurant and kitchen inspections as well as investigations of food borne illness outbreaks should they occur. Public Health personnel in Asher Community Health Center (ACHC) are authorized to give the test and issue cards for FOOD HANDLERS. Self study is also available as an online course at which will issue a card when complete.


Wheeler County Public Health participates in the federally funded Vaccine for Children (VFC) program which offers free vaccinations for eligible children through 18 years of age. We keep a full stock of vaccine in the Fossil clinic. When appointments are scheduled for vaccinations in either Spray or Mitchell, the needed vaccines are packed up in a portable refrigerator and carried to the site. In partnership with ACHC, we are able to offer vaccinations to eligible adults on a sliding fee scale. 


Public Health staff members collaborated with Wheeler County Emergency Operations Manager to develop the Hazard Vulnerability Analysis upon which we based the written plans for mitigating the circumstances of a wide variety of possible hazards. This program is included in our contract with Oregon health Authority and we are required to perform exercises to test our readiness, equipment, and abilities to respond to emergencies.


This program is primarily focused on changing the social norm to exclude tobacco use. It has successfully banned smoking in work places through the Clean Indoor Air Act, freeing employees from the dangers of second hand smoke. In the event of a violation of the Clean Indoor Air Act complaints may be lodged by visiting the following link: