Paul Conway ~ Outreach and Referrals

 Paul is the Intake Specialist for ACHC. 

As an Outreach Worker – 

  • Assisting patients and others with application for the Oregon Health Plan,  Affordable Care Act, and Medicare supplements.   
  • Processing applications for the Sliding Fee Scale Program.  
  • Conducting outreach in the Community to inform the public of our services by use of newspaper public service announcements and in-person visits.

And as the Referral Coordinator – 

  • Process, track, and resolve all referrals from our providers to outside resources of imaging and specialists.  
  • Obtain prior authorizations for referrals that are required from the various insurance entities of our patients.  
  • Maintain a referral tracking log  to monitor each referral: where, when and to who the referral was sent.  
  • Contact referred to providers each week on all unscheduled referrals.  
  • Contact referred to providers each week on kept appointments for which we have not received a report in a timely manner.   
  • Prepare monthly reports for Administration and the Providers of the active referrals in the referral log.